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Lemon Peel Juice – An Effective Fat Burner with Several Other Health Benefits

It is an everyday practice to throw away Lemon Peels after squeezing lemon juice thinking they are useless and waste. On the contrary lemon peels are proven to be very effective in burning excess body fat including stubborn belly fat. Besides, there are several other health benefits of lemon peels which you shall discover below.

Therefore, whenever you’re going to thrash a squeezed lemon, stop in that spot! Know that the peels are stuffed with goodness of great health. The antiquated Greeks and Romans have discovered various advantages of all aspects of the lemon organic product, including its peel, and present day science has discovered bounty to approve these.

Below are the reasons why these fiery skins merit more consideration.

1) Lemon Peels is an effective fat burner and results into healthy weight management since it contains potent ingredient called as “Pectin” which has proven to be very effective in burning excess body fat from the body. It is also effective in burning stubborn belly fat and you shall notice the results within few weeks.

2) Lemon Peels are loaded with lucrative supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber and every one of them offers various health advantages. Actually, lemon peel is more rich in supplements than the actual organic product or its juice.

3) Lemon Peels help in keeping bones and teeth very strong and healthy. The rich and high content of calcium and vitamin C in lemon peel keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy. As a matter of fact, 100 gm of lemon peel can meet 13.4 percent of a grown-up’s day by day prescribed measure of calcium and an incredible 143 percent of vitamin C. Vitamin C is additionally engaged with creating protein collagen, which is a fundamental building hinder for our ligament, muscle, skin, and veins.

4) Lemon Peels help in fighting off cancer since it is very rich in antioxidants  Research shows that lemon peels contain rich content of citrus that can help fight various kinds of skin malignancy. Oil from the peel of the lemons is significantly rich in d-limonene, a cell reinforcement which is very effective in fighting breast cancer and colon cancer. Additionally vitamin C contained in the peels is an intense cell reinforcement that enables the body to eliminate free radicals. A development of free radicals in the body can lead to malignancy, heart afflictions, and joint inflammation.

The flavonoid naringenin content in lemon peels prevents the formation of tumor in our body. It even helps repair our cell DNA. The coumarin properties in lemon oil from its peel acts as cell reinforcements that fights off degenerative sicknesses and malignancy

5) Lemon Peels help in lowering Blood Pressure and also protects against cardiac diseases. Lemon peels are loaded with ample content of potassium, calcium and magnesium which improve blood circulation and helps in keeping your pulse rate steady. At the point when your pulse is steady, it likewise means better heart health. Other supplements in lemon peel, for example, fiber, the flavonoid hesperidin, and the shade carotenoid, as well, help maintaining healthy blood pressure. Flavonoids can likewise diminish destructive LDL cholesterol, adding to your heart well-being

6) Lemon Peel is good for eye sight and ensures good vision. Carotenoids transform to vitamin A in our body which keeps eyes sound and healthy and lessens the danger of eye contamination. Lemon peel is rich in carotenoids that help in maintaining good eye health. Research additionally demonstrates that vitamin C averts macular degeneration, an age-related eye issue.

7) Lemon Peel fights off infections and heal wounds faster. Concentrates of lemon peel can help in recuperating wounds. Healing of wound is normally slower in people suffering from diabetics in comparison to other healthy people. In the examination, the test cases were provided oral measurements of lemon peels, the injuries recuperated quicker. Tissue development and collagen combination associated with wound repair were likewise essentially higher

8) Lemon Peels help in eliminating toxins from our body. There are several toxic substances present in our body which make us exhausted and weak from inside as well as aggravates our addiction towards aerated and alcoholic beverages and other harmful substances or eatables. Lemon peels has good content of citrus bioflavonoids that help in destroying these toxic substances which prevail in our body.

9) Lemon Peels have proven to be effective in fighting skin problems. Lemon peel prevents and overcomes skin issues like wrinkles, pigmentation, acne and dark spots. Since lemon peel is rich in antioxidants that have a tendency to detoxify the skin to an extremely incredible extent.

10) Lemon Peels help in decreasing oxidation stress. Lemon peels have high content of citrus bio-flavonoids, which are proven to be very effective for reducing oxidation stress from your body



If you are wondering how to make lemon peel juice, then follow the simple process as given below for making lemon peel juice at the comfort of your own home. Have it regularly in order to stay healthy, fit and toned


5nos of  lemons

1 liter of water


a) Clean the lemons thoroughly and then cut them into equal parts. After cutting then squeeze them to extract the lemon juice and store the lemon juice for other applications such as lemon water, salads etc. You will simply require the lemon peels for this solution

b) Then Boil those squeezed lemon peels with about 1 liter of water in a pot. Boil it on a medium flame for about 30mins or more until 25% water is evaporated from the pot on account of heating.

c) After the above process, allow the solution to cool down and have about 1 glass of lemon peel solution before going to bed, 2nd glass after you wake up in the morning and remaining amounts in the afternoon, evening or later until the solution lasts. OR if its not possible for having the solution during the day, then you may simply have 2 glasses of solution after waking up in the morning and 2 glasses in the night before going to bed.

d) Do the above exercise for at least 30 days and you will notice considerable reduction in your belly fat and overall body weight.

Note that the solution will taste absolutely bitter and therefore you may consume it in one shot since you will not enjoy drinking it gradually (sip by sip). One suffering from Low Blood pressure problems must add pinch of salt in the solution since lemon peels tend to lower blood pressure

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Dragon Fruit – An Exotic Fruit that Promotes Good Health and Immunity

Dragon fruit also known as “Pitaya” is one of the rich and exotic Asian fruits mostly grown in countries like Thailand, Indonesia , Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines etc. This fruit is well known for its medicinal properties and nutritive value. It is rich in antioxidants and fiber and is potent enough to treat many diseases. And that it is not widely grown and available across the globe, it is also one of the expensive fruits. Here are the outstanding health benefits of eating dragon fruit. I’m sure after knowing its health benefits you gonna surely make it part of your regular diet.

1)      Dragon fruit helps in boosting your immune system since it has good content of Vitamin C. The better your immune system, the better is the protection from various diseases and sicknesses.

2)     Dragon Fruit is rich in antioxidant “carotene” which helps in eliminating tumors and free radicals from the body. It is also known to be effective in preventing cancer and fighting early stages of cancer.

3)       Dragon Fruit promotes digestion since it has substantial amount of fiber. It also helps in effective functioning of bowels and eradicates digestion problems like constipation, gastro-intestinal, colorectal cancer etc. It also helps in producing digestive juices which in turn help in completing the digestion process effectively resulting in passing motion properly.

4)      Dragon Fruit helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases since it contains good type of fats which is useful in inducing good cholesterol (HDL) that help in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. It also inhibits the accumulation of plaque on the walls of arteries thus lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

5)      Dragon fruit is known to be effective in fighting diabetes since it has an ability to stabilize sugar levels in the blood. It also suppresses sugar spikes in the blood resulting from intake of rich sugary foods.

6)      It is also said to be effective in suppressing inflammation and relieving arthritis symptoms like joint pain and immobility.

7)      Dragon fruit is the best anti-aging solution since it helps in reducing the aging by keeping your skin young and firm. And that it is rich in Vitamin C it also improves skin tone and complexion.

8)      Dragon fruit also helps in maintaining healthy body weight and also balances your appetite; therefore you do not tend to overeat. Since it is rich in protein and has no cholesterol, it tends to break down easily which eases the digestion process thus helping in maintain healthy body weight. It also has an ability to increase the body metabolism which results in fat burn.

9)      It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and helps in preventing and fighting bacteria and fungus from the body. It helps in stimulating and increasing white blood cells in our body which in turn help in fighting diseases and sicknesses.

10)   Dragon fruit is also useful for conditioning your hair and removing the chemicalized hair color/dye. Just grind and make a fine paste of dragon fruit and apply on your hair and scalp. After an hour rinse your hairs post which your hair will look softer, shiny and healthier.

Considering the above outstanding health benefits of dragon fruit, it is advisable to make this fruit a part of your regular diet.

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