Probiotics – An All Natural Supplement for Proper Functioning of Gut and Digestive System

You might definitely heard the word “Antibiotics” which helps in reversing or treating the infections caused by bad bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus. Though Antibiotics help in fighting infections, they also cause negative effects in our body especially the digestive system. Our digestive system contains good bacteria that helps in maintaining, balancing and toning our digestive system and also help in proper absorption of nutrients in our body and excretion of excess intake of fat from our body. The intake of antibiotics destroys the good bacteria in our digestive system which in turn impacts the digestion and absorption process and causes negative effects in our body.

Probiotics on the other hand helps in overcoming the side effects caused by Antibiotics and this is why experienced physicians or doctors prescribe Probiotics during the course of Antibiotics so that the patient’s digestive system and body stays well-balanced and maintained. Ideally Probiotics is taken either 2 hrs before or 2 hrs after the consumption of Antibiotics. Probiotics is nothing but a fermented food or a supplement that is loaded with abundant friendly microorganisms and lactobacillus (good bacteria). Friendly microorganisms present in the Probiotics help in restoring, replenishing and revitalizing the good bacteria which are in the process of perishing due to medicinal drugs, antibiotics, medications, certain foods etc. Abundant lactobacillus (good bacteria) present in Probiotics also help in replacing the perished or destroyed good bacteria in the Gut thus helping to maintain the perfect balance of required good bacteria in our gut. A perfect balance of good bacteria in our gut in turn keeps our digestive system strong and robust which in turn help in proper and effective functioning of our body.

Probiotics are mostly found in dairy products such as fermented milk, yogurt etc. It is also available in medicinal form (tablets, capsules, softgel, powders etc) and dietary supplements. There are some fermented drinks/shots as well which has good amount of probiotics.

Following are the health benefits of Probiotics

1) Probiotics help in maintaining good bacteria present in our gut and also loads new good bacteria that was destroyed or perished due to medications, antibiotics or various other reasons. This in turn help in proper functioning of our digestive system thus keeping us healthy.

2) Probiotics is useful and effective in treating diarrhea (loose motions). It can also prevent diarrhea  caused due to intake of antibiotics or various other medications.

3) Probiotics is also known to boost our immune system by eradicating bad bacteria, germs or any other fungal infections in our gut. It also helps in promoting the growth of antibodies in our body which help in fighting antigens (which could be viruses, bad bacteria, toxins, chemicals or any intruders).

4) Probiotics is effective for weight loss since it prevents the absorption of fat in digestive tract and excretion of fat rather than storing it in the body. It also helps in burning calories and makes us feel full which in turn prevents overeating.

5) Probiotics is also known to be effective in relieving eczema and other allergies in infants and kids.

6) Probiotics also helps in improving and balancing our mental conditions by relieving stress, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

Therefore, considering the above facts and health benefits of Probiotics, it is recommended to consume it regularly in order to overcome the health problems as described above.

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