Cleansing Your Gallbladder and Getting Rid of Gall Stones

You may know what gall bladder is, what its function is and where is it located in the body. If you do not know, here’s a short description about it. Gall Bladder also known as biliary vesicle is a small organ which looks like a sac/bag and is located underneath our liver. The key function of the gall bladder is to store bile secreted by our liver, then concentrate it and release it to the intestine. The concentration process removes water and electrolytes and the processed concentrated fluid (bile) is vital for digestion. The bile also helps in absorption of fat and fat soluble vitamins.

Gall stones and other impurities in Gall Bladder impacts the concentration process of bile which in turn affects our digestion process leading to bloating and other ingestion problems, therefore it is utmost important to cleanse and detoxify our Gall bladder and flush out all the impurities, toxins and gall stones present in it. Cleansing the Gall Bladder will enable proper functioning of the digestive system and proper absorption of nutrients in our body which in turn will help in promoting good health and fitness.

Dr. Lai Chiu Nan from China has suggested the natural method to cleanse the gall bladder and to remove gall stones present in it. This method seems to have worked for many; therefore this might work for you as well. The method is simple but lengthy. It is good to practice this method once every two or three years to keep your gall bladder clean and healthy.

Method for cleansing gall bladder and removing gall stones

1) Eat about 4 to 5 apples or have 4 – 5 glasses of pure apple juice at a time every day for five consecutive days. Do not overeat for these five days but eat normally. Apples tend to soften the gall stones and other impurities in the gall bladder.

2) On the following day i.e sixth day you must skip dinner. Instead of dinner you must have the following

3) At 18:00 on sixth day, take a glass of warm water and mix one teaspoon of Epsom Salt (also known as Magnesium Sulphate) and drink it. Repeat the same process at 20:00 on the same day. The Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) seems to open the channels of Gall bladder which makes a way for impurities and gall stones to flush out.

4) At 22:00 on same day, mix half cup of olive oil (preferably extra virgin olive oil) in half cup of lemon juice, stir it well and then drink it. Olive oil is healthy, has no cholesterol and is low in fat content. Olive oil will help in lubricating the gall stones and other impurities which in turn helps in easing the flushing process.

5) That’s all you have to do. The next day you may be able to find little or plenty of tiny green stones in your stools which are gall stones.

Note – The above process might not help the patients with large-sized gall stones and it is advisable to seek doctor’s advice to remove them medically.

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