Importance of Water for better Health and Living

As we all know that water is a universal solvent, and each and every living being in the universe is incomplete without water. Water with a chemical formula of H2O, takes 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen, therefore the clamping of 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen constitutes water. Water plays a vital role in all living organisms. Our body contains 55% to 78% water depending upon its size/volume. The more the intake of water the better flushing of toxins from the body which in turn will lead to better health and hydration.

Besides consuming all those effective body supplements, alternative medications and nutrients, the water is essentially required to digest and absorb them and to flush out excess nutrients and toxins from the body. Absence of water will drastically affect the digestion and absorption process in the body. Besides, water is also vitally required for proper renal/kidney health and its functioning. The water cleanses the kidneys and detoxifies them. The absence of water will impact the health, function and life of kidneys. On the other hand it will become more prone to develop calculus/stones since excess nutrients like calcium, uric acid etc will not flush out efficiently and will keep on depositing and accumulating. The absence of water may also cause infection to the kidneys due to improper flush out of toxins thus seriously affecting renal/kidney health.

Other than kidneys, water is also essential for other vitals organs of our body such as liver, brain, heart and lungs. Water detoxifies and cleanses liver and eliminates all the toxins, chemicals left behind during purification. The liver uses water to produce substances which helps to break down fats, therefore the absence of water will affect the fat metabolism and develop more fat in the body. Moreover the absence of water to kidneys will throw excess load on liver thus causing liver to malfunction. The absence of water will also affect the protein synthesis required to repair or build muscles. Water contains dissolved oxygen which is required for efficient functioning of the organs in our body. Water is vital for efficient functioning of our brain, heart and lungs. Our brain gets refreshed when our body is hydrated otherwise it will turn dull, stressed and tired. Besides, water also helps in toning our skin and muscles, circulating nutrients and oxygen to our cells, regulating our body temperature, building healthy joints, maintaining body alkalinity and eliminating wastes and toxins from the body.

The recommended daily intake of water is minimum 2.5ltrs in order to ensure proper hydration and functioning of your body thus helping to maintain robust health. There is nothing called as overdose of water, therefore it is safe to consume as much water you want. There is no maximum limit of its intake since the excess is urinated. In fact it’s a good idea to intake as much water you can since it would be potent enough to flush out toxins and cleanse your body efficiently and effectively. Since the environment is polluted, it is also important to ensure the intake of water is clean and purified. The polluted water itself will toxify your body and seriously impact your health; therefore it will work exactly the reverse. The water purification is utmost important since it will eliminate bacteria, toxins, viruses, chemicals, germs and any other pollutants. Many do not intend to purify water since purifications also eliminates nutrients in water such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous etc. Eliminating nutrients from the water makes no difference as they are available in water in low volume and these nutrients are readily available abundantly in food which we eat.

Water purification does not efficiently eliminate chlorine. Chlorine is added in the water by the treatment plants in order to kill bacteria, viruses and germs. The chlorine itself is a toxin and harmful for our body, therefore it should be eliminated. In order to eliminate chlorine, water should be aerated after the purification process. The aeration process eliminates the chlorine efficiently. The chlorine is present in water in gaseous form. The aeration process produces bubbles and when they burst, the chlorine gas is extracted from the water and is eliminated. The bursting of the bubbles also introduces oxygen into the water thus making the water oxygenated, therefore the aeration process benefits you in both the ways:- by eliminating chlorine and introducing oxygen in water. For water aeration a simple bubbler machine for aquarium should work perfectly.

Hence based on the above, we can understand how water is vital to our body and how its absence can cause several health complications.

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