Healthy Diet Plan – Choosing the right nature of food (Acidic/Alkaline) for healthy diet

More than buying dietary supplements and fitness medications, it is utmost important that you observe a healthy diet plan. Healthy diet plan basically means craving on the required nature, quantity, variety, combination and timing for food in order to maintain a healthy and fit body. You might be craving on delicious, expensive and 5 star foods but do you know most of the delicious and expensive food what you eat is unfit/unhealthy for your body? Rich food does not mean expensive food, it actually means the richness in the nature of food, characteristics it possess and after effects it results to. Most people in the world today survive on unhealthy fast food due to lack of time. Many do not have specific timings for eating food. Food timing is also important in order to ensure proper digestion of food. Overeating and untimely eating habits affects the digestion and absorption process drastically which may result in digestive disorders, gastro and several other health complications.

Choosing right nature of food is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The nature of food is basically divided into 2 categories namely Acidic food and Alkaline food. The acidity and alkalinity of a substance is measured on a PH scale. PH is a abbreviation for “Potential Hydrogen”. PH scale contains numerical from 0 to 14. Any substance that falls beyond 7.0 is said to be alkaline and the one that falls below 7.0 is said to be acidic. The substance that stays at 7.0 is said to be neutral which means neither acidic nor alkaline. The easiest and the oldest method to measure PH is by using a litmus paper. The PH is measured on the basis of color reaction on the paper strip. There are various color shades to identify the PH value. Following are the shades and their value.

Now, you might be wondering what alkalinity and acidity has to do with the nature of food. As discussed above, nature of food is important in order to maintain a healthy diet plan. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy diet, the nature of the food should be from Slightly Alkaline to Very Alkaline i.e. between 8 and 9. The pH value of food when falls below 6 (slightly acidic), it will definitely affect your health and will result in several health complications and problems. The healthy/normal pH value of blood is around 7.4 but if it falls below the prescribed value it tends to extract the alkaline nutrients from the bone and flesh such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron etc in order to balance the pH value of blood. This in turn leads to body imbalance, porous bones, osteoporosis, arthritis and so many disorders. Besides, extracting too much composition of minerals in the blood can also lead to strokes and brain hemorrhages. Other than blood, cells, tissues and body fluids too require alkaline nature in order to remain healthy and fit and to protect from the hazardous foreign bodies such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, disease causing microorganisms etc. The body fluids we are talking about are not stomach fluids that are acidic in nature. The stomach fluid normally is acidic in nature and is essential for ingesting the food. There is also a variation in certain foods like lemon which is basically acidic in nature but when it mixes up with the stomach fluids, it tend to become very alkaline; therefore lemon is not bad but in fact very good for health since it converts to very alkaline as a result of its after effect. Likewise there are several other food stuffs that are acidic in nature at the initial stage but due to their after effects, they leave an alkaline residue. When we are talking about eggs, meat, poultry etc, they are alkaline in nature at an initial stage until after digestion it leaves an acidic residue.

Our life span, resistance/immune power of our body and healthy life style is completely dependent on the nature of the food. Most of the food sold at the restaurants, hotels, fast food carts etc are seem to be acidic in nature. Similarly most packaged or tinned foods are also acidic in nature. Such food are expensive and in no way beneficial for health. They can only cut down your hunger and provide certain nutrients to your body while on the other hand making your body acidic. The acidic nature of the body tends to invite so many diseases and sicknesses and can damage healthy cells and tissues thus resulting in free radicals. The acidic nature of our body is prone to diseases and sicknesses such as cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, tumors, strokes, obesity, diabetes, aging, hormonal imbalances and many other health problems. The person with alkaline body tends to live longer and enjoys a healthy life by eliminating diseases and sicknesses. In this era, people do not care about their health rather they care and concentrate more on their profession and work. What people do not understand is that observing a healthy lifestyle could result in efficiency, effectiveness and competency in profession. The acidic nature of the body results in weakness, tiredness, poor concentration/attention towards work, as a result of which one may become incompetent and inefficient.

Hence to overcome health problems and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle we have categorized foods by their nature in the below food chart based on their level of acidity and alkalinity. These foods are actually categorized as per their nature based on their after effects like explained above the after effects of a lemon. It is strictly recommended that you follow the food habits as mentioned in the chart in order to live a long and healthy lifestyle and bypass all those diseases and sicknesses. So here you go – your catalogue for healthy diet plan consisting of complete list of food items

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6 thoughts on “Healthy Diet Plan – Choosing the right nature of food (Acidic/Alkaline) for healthy diet

  1. Admiring the dedication you put into your site and detailed information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  2. I am very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

  3. healthy diet results into good health and living. One must observe this diet plan if he/she really cares about his/her health. Many of us ignore our health and start to repent at a later date. Prevention is always better than cure

  4. WOW this is really good work of collating all food with their properties. This will help in making right choice of food according to their properties

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