Fighting and Treating Cancer by Guyabano Soursop Fruit

Guyabano, A soursop fruit, also called as “Graviola” is known to be a potent cure for all types of cancer; however this statement is still under evaluation and not approved by the FDA. Although it is under evaluation, it has proved helpful to so many cancer patients. It is said that it works on them like a miracle. Guyabano fruit contains powerful antioxidants which are found to be very effective in dealing with all types and stages of cancer. It stops tumor growth, eliminates the damaged cells and builds healthy new cells. Unlike radiotherapy and chemotherapy which destroys the cancer cells as well as good/healthy cells, Guyabano fruit only destroys cancer/damaged cells and besides also builds several new healthy cells. In this way it has found to be very effective and potent to fight against cancer.

It is said that Guyabano/Graviola fruit is ten times effective than chemotherapy. It is not only effective but also a safer way of treating cancer. Besides cancer, it has also found to be effective against parasites, worms, bacterial and fungal infections, depression, stress, high blood pressure, nervous disorders etc. It helps to support healthy immune system and overall body functions. It can be consumed as a part of healthy diet

Guyabano, the soursop fruit is completely safe to consume and does not require any prescription from the physician. It has not shown any kind of side effects. It is a complete herbal remedy. This fruit is mostly found in Brazil, however it can also be found in the dense forests. Rainforest is said to be a perfect environment for its better growth and quality. It has a pleasant taste and flavor. The fruit is cut into half and the pulpy white mass is eaten. The pulpy white mass can also be used for making pleasant fruit juices. Its juice can also be blended with other fruit juices for making rich, yummy and pleasant fruit mock tails.

So, start searching for Guyabano/Graviola fruit right now. You may find it in your local market. If not, you can search for it in the dense/rain forest or else you can even import it from Brazil. After you find it, have it often in order to stay healthy and fit and to exempt yourself from cancer and other sicknesses.

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