Probiotics – An All Natural Supplement for Proper Functioning of Gut and Digestive System

You might definitely heard the word “Antibiotics” which helps in reversing or treating the infections caused by bad bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus. Though Antibiotics help in fighting infections, they also cause negative effects in our body especially the digestive system. Our digestive system contains good bacteria that helps in maintaining, balancing and toning our […]


Dragon Fruit – An Exotic Fruit that Promotes Good Health and Immunity

Dragon fruit also known as “Pitaya” is one of the rich and exotic Asian fruits mostly grown in countries like Thailand, Indonesia , Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines etc. This fruit is well known for its medicinal properties and nutritive value. It is rich in antioxidants and fiber and is potent enough to treat many diseases. And that it […]


Cleansing Your Gallbladder and Getting Rid of Gall Stones

You may know what gall bladder is, what its function is and where is it located in the body. If you do not know, here’s a short description about it. Gall Bladder also known as biliary vesicle is a small organ which looks like a sac/bag and is located underneath our liver. The key function […]


Importance of Water for better Health and Living

As we all know that water is a universal solvent, and each and every living being in the universe is incomplete without water. Water with a chemical formula of H2O, takes 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen, therefore the clamping of 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen constitutes water. […]


Acidic Alkaline Food Balancing and PRAL value of Food

In the acidic/alkaline food chart, you will notice few alkaline foods in comparison to that of acidic food which is extremely large in number. Unfortunately most of the acidic food listed above may be your favorite ones you crave on. It is somewhat alright if you consume slightly acidic food since there is a minimal […]


Right Food Combination for Proper Digestion and Absorption

Besides balancing of food, food combination is also important for proper digestion and absorption of its nutrients in the body. Without right food combination, the digestive system would not be able to digest the food properly which in turn will result into poor absorption of nutrients in the body. The poor digestion itself will arise […]


Fighting and Treating Cancer by Guyabano Soursop Fruit

Guyabano, A soursop fruit, also called as “Graviola” is known to be a potent cure for all types of cancer; however this statement is still under evaluation and not approved by the FDA. Although it is under evaluation, it has proved helpful to so many cancer patients. It is said that it works on them like a miracle. Guyabano […]

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